Nov 3, 2020

The team series - Alex Banks

Name: Alex Banks

Role: Managing Director

Joined: May 2018

Poison: A good ol’ cup of black coffee

What do your responsibilities involve? As Managing Director I am responsible for ensuring that We Should Create continues to consistently provide industry-leading customer service and high-quality social media content for our clients. 

How did you get into photography? I’ve always been a creative person and loved photography from a young age. During university I used a plastic Holga 120N point-and-shoot film camera to capture fun and quirky moments with friends. Whilst working as a Civil Engineer, I purchased a Canon 550d and loved creating films in my spare time. Over time, I developed relationships in the industry and slowly began building up a portfolio of freelance clients. This then led me to leave my position as an engineer and start We Should Create in 2018. 

What are you hoping to achieve during your time at WSC? My longer term vision is that We Should Create will be the number one choice for product-based businesses looking to grow their customer engagement and sales.

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