Nov 3, 2020

Lockdown 2.0 - How we've adapted

Some of our clients have been asking us how COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns across the UK have affected the way we work here at We Should Create. Here’s the main ways we’ve been keeping our team and models safe, while continuing to deliver top quality imagery:

Changing our ways of working

Like many businesses across the world, we are now permanently working from home - when not shooting at exciting locations that is! Because of this, our team has been able to expand all over Britain and we now have team members working from England, Wales and Scotland.

Changing how we organise photoshoots

We’ve made changes to how we plan shoots, such as having fewer people on set, using more outside locations, making sure to wear masks off camera and sanitising all props. We’ve been using creative staging and camera angles to make it appear as though people are closer together in images!

Getting creative and staying current

Because we organise photoshoots regularly, we’re always able to deliver images which are relevant to the times. For example, we realised it might not be appropriate to post pictures of large house parties in this day and age, so we’ve been arranging more photoshoots showing people working from home, socialising online, and enjoying the outdoors.

If you’re a brand or agency struggling to safely generate images for your social media feed, have a look at our plans and see how we could help you achieve this.

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