Aug 11, 2020

How We Should Create are responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How We Should Create are responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There’s no way to sugar coat it, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us to completely reconsider how we delivery high quality imagery to our clients. Here’s how we’re innovating to carry on delivering our service.

Flashback to early March and we were sat tight in our studio, planning our photoshoots for the remainder of the month. By the end of March, our photoshoots were all cancelled and we had to completely change our delivery process to ensure we were still able to deliver high quality imagery to our clients. We’ve now had some time to process what’s happening in the world and to understand how we can innovate to ensure that we can still deliver relevant, high quality imagery that our clients customers’ can relate to. The end result? We’re going to ask for the help of freelance photographers in the local creative community. We’re looking for all types of freelancers from professional wedding photographers that have had their weddings cancelled to the hobbyist that are looking to get their work seen in the world. We have jobs to suit beginners, experienced and professional photographers.

What’s the plan?

We’ve been working around the clock to build a ‘freelancer jobs’ section to our website where freelancers can apply to help us deliver a variety of imagery to our clients. Freelancers will need to register at and then they’ll be able to view and apply for the available jobs on our platform.

How will it work?

We Should Create have created a number of ‘jobs’ that are all viewable within the jobs section of our website. The freelancer will be able to view all of the information about what the goal of job is, the creative brief and details on must-have’s for that specific job. Each job has a set number of images that need to be shot and delivered to us in order for the freelancer to receive the fee.

Once the freelancer has applied for a job (you can apply for more than one at any given time!), our team will review applications and then award successful freelancers the job. Our team will package up our client products and ship them to the freelancer. The freelancer will then need to shoot the products, keeping in mind the creative brief that was initially outlined. Once the freelancer has created images, they will be asked to send our team a preview of these images (watermarked). If our team are happy with the images shot and agree that they are in-line with the creative brief, then we’ll arrange for the client products to be picked up from the freelancers house. We’ll ask the freelancer to send over an invoice for the job completed and also the unedited raw images.

Why does this work?

Our goal is to create a large amount of location, model and theme variety in all of our image deliveries. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has stopped us shooting outside with models and so one way to ensure we can continue to deliver a variety of imagery is through utilising the local creative community. These creatives will be self-isolating in houses that are all shapes and sizes, some with large back gardens others with beautiful kitchens. Some of these photographers will have young children and so can shoot for clients like baby food companies. Some living with parents will be able to shoot for our client that have more mature audiences. The goal is to utilise these assets in order to create amazing images for our clients.

Sound good? 

Our freelance platform is now live and there are paid jobs now available to apply for. If you are interested or know someone that might be interested then ask them to register!

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